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Our Sponsors

On behalf of the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) here at The University of Texas at Austin, we thank you for your continued support of our organization. Your supports allows us to continue to encourage academic achievement, community involvement, and professional development amongst our members. All of our achievements and programming throughout the year would not be possible without your generosity. 


Our partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship where we aim to support you to the same level you support us. ALPFA serves as a direct channel to the future leaders of the professional world, allowing you to have first-access to top business students within the McCombs School of Business, all from unique and diverse backgrounds. We strive to provide our sponsors with well-rounded candidates by training our members in professional development, soft skills, and philanthropy. Your support allows us to continue to facilitate the growth of these promising individuals and improve our organization year after year.


Once more, we extend the largest gratitude for your support, and look forward to strengthening our partnership, as we work together in what promises to be a rewarding year. Thank you again, from everyone here at Texas ALPFA. 



UT ALPFA Board of Directors ’16-’17






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