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One of our main goals here in ALPFA is to provide personal mentorship outside of general meetings and a platform where our members can create networks and build friendships. This is why we have created ALPFAMILIAS.

How it works

In our families, you will be paired with other members who share similar goals, questions, and interests. The families will be guided by a parent, who will be an experienced ALPFA member or director. We are also excited to feature grandparents, who will be alumni who have already graduated from UT and can give you insight on how to start preparing for your professional career.


Throughout the year your family will meet regularly to catch up with each other, If you have any questions about school in general or are seeking any kind of advice as the semester advances, parents will be there to listen to you and answer your questions. 


The most exciting part about joining a family is being able to participate in our yearly competition. Every family will have the chance to compete for a special prize by completing weekly challenges that range from Snapchat challenges to a full on field day tournament. We hope that these competitions will allow you to get to know each other and help you develop friendships.