We are excited to hear your interest in joining Texas ALPFA! By choosing to become a part of ALPFA, you are joining a growing organization and investing in your future. You have already taken the first step in empowering yourself and becoming a future leader in the professional world through our professional development and networking events. We can't wait to welcome you into our ALPFAmilia and look forward to seeing you at each of our events!


Our membership dues help finance each of our great events throughout the year, and also allow us to continue in our mission of providing our members with the best opportunities!


Membership dues are $65 for the year or $35 per semester.

Why Pay Dues?

  • Professional Mentorship Program/Women of ALPFA Mentorship Program

  • T-shirt(s)

  • National Membership

  • 1 on 1 Mentorship Opportunities




We have streamlined the payment process all you have to do is use the codes below to send your dues through Venmo (@UT-ALPFA)  and put your email in the caption so we can send you a brief follow-up membership form. Membership dues are $65 for the year or $35 per semester after that. If you have any questions or have another form of payment, please reach out to  

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