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2020 - 2021 Executive Board

  • Lead ALPFA

  • Work with fellow directors to put on events

  • Work with outside student chapters to expose UT Austin Chapter to the National Organization

  • Provide endless opportunities for members

Abigail Arvisu



Senior | Accounting | Denton, TX

Abigail serves at the main point of contact for Texas ALPFA.

She oversees all operations, the Executive Board, and the chapter as a whole.

We are lucky to have Abigail as our President!

  • Handle Corporate Relations

  • Secure Corporate Sponsorship

  • Help PD find Corporate Opportunities

  • Represent the UT ALPFA brand and build relationships

Fernando Martinez

Vice President


Junior | MIS | Houston, TX

Fernando is in charge of company outreach, maintaining relationships with alumni, 

and serving as an important point of contact for Texas ALPFA.

We are very grateful that Fernando is on the Board!


Saul Vasquez

Director of Finance

Junior | Finance | Dallas, TX


Saul handles all financial-related tasks and inquiries.

He leads our fundraising efforts and helps members

pay dues and plan for our National Convention.

We are lucky to have Saul on the team!

  • Manage ALPFA’s accounts

  • Budget for all events with directors

  • Fundraise throughout the year for National Convention

  • Manage payments for membership dues

  • Order and serve food for events and General Meetings

  • Engage ALPFA in volunteer events

  • Communicate with volunteer coordinators

  • Facilitate and organize volunteer events

  • Have a passion for volunteerism

Katrina Larson

Director of Service Outreach


Sophomore | MIS| Lewisville, TX

Katrina leads our initiative to give back to the community.

She plans our community service events and 

promotes a culture of empathy in Texas ALPFA.

We are happy to serve with Katrina!


  • Plan and execute all social events

  • Have basic event planning organization skills

  • Be prepared to have social skills for recruitment

  • Keep track of point system and attendance for all events

  • Create a unique way in which an ALPFA investment benefits the members of ALPFA at every GM

Yusuf Malik

Director of Internal Relations


Sophomore | MIS | Katy, TX


Yusuf makes sure that our chapter feels like a family.

He plans and leads our socials and establishes a

sense of community in the organization.

We are lucky to have Yusuf!


  • Create all print and digital marketing media (T-Shirts, Banners, Foam Boards) using photoshop

  • Develop a cohesive brand and ensure brand recognition

  • Put up General Meeting posters around McCombs and UTC

  • Manage ALPFA Social Media

Elvis Morales

Director of Marketing


Junior | Marketing | Eagle Pass, TX


Elvis is in charge of creating all print and digital media.

He makes sure that our chapter has a cohesive brand that

is well recognized at UT and McCombs.

We are grateful for everything Elvis does!


  • Brand ALPFA through tech opportunities

  • Innovate processes utilizing new technology

  • Website Design for

  • Organize GM slides and internal information

Sophia Arnedo

Director of Technology


Sophomore | MIS | El Paso, TX


Sophia is in charge of all technology-related tasks.

She makes sure all events have the necessary equipment,

organizes all internal information, and manages this website.

We are grateful for Sophia's contribution to Texas ALPFA!



  • Organize and manage ALPFA’s Mentorship program

  • Host study hours

  • Plan mentorship events

Benjamin Arellano

Director of Human Resources


Sophomore | Supply Chain | McAllen, TX


Ben manages our mentorship program and fosters relationships

between current members and alumni. He is instrumental

in making our organization very close-knit.


We are thankful for everything Ben does for our chapter! 



  • Provide tools and workshops to advance professionalism

  • Plan and host capstone professional events

  • Discover and promote professional opportunities for members 

  • Work with VP to maintain orporate relations

Jordan Valdez

Director of Professional Development

Sophomore | MIS | Round Rock, TX


Jordan manages all events related to professional development.

She leads all capstone professional events and provides

professional opportunities to our members.

We are lucky to have Jordan on the Board!